M.S (Orth) Gold Medallist, D-Orth, MBBS
Orthopaedic and Knee Surgeon 
Specialist in Knee Surgery (Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy) 
Knee Excercise Demonstration
» Ankle pumps:
Strengthen the calf and leg muscles.
Press both feet down and wait for 10 seconds, then pull both feet up and wait for 10 seconds.
» Static quadriceps exercises:
Strengthens the knee extensors.    

Push the knee down and tighten the quadriceps in such a way that the knee becomes a fulcrum to lever the ankle up. Then take foot towards your self and wait for 10 seconds before relaxing.

» Knee bending on bed: » Dynamic quadricep exercises:
Strengthens the knee flexors whilst lying down. Strengthening knee flexors whilsts sitting at the edge of the bed.
» Hip abduction with gravity: » Straigh leg raising:
Strengthens the hip abductors. Strengthens the quadriceps-
Lying down and taking the leg outwards. Lying down straight and raising the leg.
» Hip abduction against gravity:
Strengthens the hip abductors.
Lying down on side and raising the leg towards the cieling.
» Hamstring strengthening:
Lying down on the stomach and bending the knee. Holding it for 10 seconds and then straightening it.
» Ankle curls: » Hamstring curls:
To strengthen gastronemius. Strengthens hamstrings.
Standing on toes and waiting for 10 seconds before relaxing. Bending knee in standing position.
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